Timber Design According to Brazilian Standard

Dlubal Software Add-on Module RF-/TIMBER NBR

20 August 2015

The add-on module RF-/TIMBER NBR performs the ultimate and serviceability limit state design for members according to the Brazilian timber construction standard NBR 7190-1997. It represents an additional option in RFEM and RSTAB for international standards.

Currently, it is also possible to perform timber design according to Eurocode 5, SIA 265, DIN 1052, ANSI/AWC NDS‑2015 (American Standard) and CSA 086‑09 (Canadian Standard).


  • Full integration in RSTAB/RFEM including import of all relevant information and internal forces
  • Design of members and sets ofmembers in tension, compression, bending, shear and combined internal forces
  • Stability analysis for lateral torsional buckling and buckling according to the equivalent member method or large deformation analysis
  • Serviceability limit state design in the form of deflection limits
  • Brazilian material and cross-section library
  • User-defined entry of rectangular and circular cross-sections
  • Optimization of cross-sections
  • Optional import of effective lengths from the add-on modules RSBUCK and RF-STABILITY
  • Comprehensive results documentation with reference to used design equations from the standard
  • Varied filter and sort options for results
  • Consideration of timber moisture conditions
  • Visualization of the design criterion on the RSTAB/RFEM model
  • Data export to MS Excel

Working with RF-/TIMBER NBR

After opening the module, you have to define the members/sets of members, load cases, load or results combinations that you want to design so that the ultimate and serviceability limit state design can be performed.

Design-relevant parameters such as type of stability design, member slendernesses and limit deflection can be modified by the user. For the design of the cross-sections, the load duration classes, timber moisture conditions and wood preservation are defined.

In addition to the input and output data in tabular form including the design details, all graphics can be integrated to the printout report.

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