Prestressed Concrete Design According to DIN EN 1992-1-1 and DIN EN 1992-2

New National Annexes and Features in RF-TENDON and RF-TENDON Design

22 December 2015

Current News

In addition to the already available range of standards for the design of prestressed elements, the German National Annexes DIN EN 1992‑1‑1 for building construction and DIN 1992‑2 for bridge construction have been implemented.

It is now possible to design a variety of prestressed concrete elements with pre‑tensioned and post‑tensioned concrete according to the German standard in RFEM with the add‑on modules RF‑TENDON and RF‑TENDON Design. They can be used, for example, for prestressed flat slabs, beams, downstand beams, trusses, frames, hollow‑core slabs, post‑tensioned bridges as well as pre‑tensioned FP connectors with pre‑tensioned and post‑tensioned concrete.

Prestressed Concrete Design According to Austrian Standards

In addition to the German Annexes, the current Austrian Annexes ÖNORM B 1992‑1‑1:2011 and ÖNORM B 1992‑2:2014 have been implemented in the modules RF‑TENDON and RF‑TENDON Design.

Additional New Features in RF‑TENDON and RF‑TENDON Design

With the new versions of RF‑TENDON and RF‑TENDON Design, additional useful functions and design possibilities have been added. For example:

  • Design of result beams and ribs (this significantly simplifies the design of prestressed slabs and floor beams)
  • Possibility to define areas of reinforcement along the member axis
  • A reinforcement editor improves working when defining non‑prestressed reinforcement
  • Possibility to store individual reinforcement templates in a library
  • Multi-edition of the tendon properties

Seminars on Prestressed Concrete Design

The new features and national annexes described above will be available in RFEM at the beginning of 2016. In connection with the launch, seminars on prestressed concrete design take place: January 13, 2016 in Munich and January 14 in Vienna.

Besides practical work on concrete projects in the program, the participants will also learn more about pre‑stressed concrete design.

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