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5 August 2016

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Currently, licensing models are offered more and more in the engineering software industry, which allows you to subscribe to the software for a certain amount per month or year. Such models are called 'subscriptions'. In the case of using the software for the whole year, these licensing models may be disadvantageous as they cause relatively high running costs and only the latest current version of the software is provided.

Increasing Demand for Permanent Licenses of Dlubal Software

A simple calculation shows that increasing the subscription period causes higher running costs than the purchase price of the software. Therefore, most users prefer the one‑time purchase of the software and thus low running costs.

Service and Upgrades - Customer Alone Decides

Software maintenance is essential and important in most cases. Dlubal Software provides a two‑stage model, which can minimize the maintenance costs of the current major version. A service contract guarantees support and regular updates at a fair price. Complex program changes including completely reprogrammed versions are packed in a separate upgrade, which you can buy for an upgrade fee as required. The user alone decides whether and when to purchase the upgrade.

Several Add-on Modules and Only One Maintenance Fee

You can buy from Dlubal Software only what you really need. For example, you can buy only the add‑on modules applicable for structural analysis of concrete structure. If you then decide to buy add‑on modules for steel structures in addition under the same license, the maintenance is already covered by the existing service contract without any surcharges.

Subscription Required?

However, the subscription model also has advantages, for example if you need licenses for a short‑term project for a certain period. In this case, Dlubal Software offers the software license for a limited period of time. For this, you can arrange a software package tailored to your needs for a defined period, including support.

Users of Dlubal Software have maximum flexibility regarding the structural engineering software, licensing agreement and related support conditions. They can rely on a company certified in compliance with ISO 9001 in terms of development and sales. Furthermore, Dlubal Software has also committed to a high sense of responsibility in the structural analysis software development in accordance with VDI 6201.

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