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4 May 2016

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Structural analysis software RFEM and RSTAB allow for continuous planning of steel structures. This means that it goes beyond the simple design of components. In addition to stability and buckling analysis, it is also possible to perform dynamic calculations. Moreover, you can use plastic cross-section reserves and design various connections.

RSTAB is the optimal solution for structural analysis of beam structures. In the FEA program RFEM, you can additionally design surfaces, wall, shell and solid elements. If the foundation design is required, you can perform structural analysis of independent foundations and also floor slabs in RFEM.

Structural and Dynamic Analysis According to EC and Other International Standards

Design of steel structures can be performed according to Eurocode 3 as well as twelve other international standards such as American, Swiss, British, Chinese or Canadian standards that are currently available in the programs. If you want to analyze the dynamic behavior of structures due to excitations from earthquakes, machines, vehicles, etc., you can use the corresponding add‑on modules. In addition to Eurocode 8, the seismic standards of the following countries are implemented, among others: Switzerland, USA, Canada, Italy and Spain.

Joint and Plastic Design

In RFEM and RSTAB, you can design various standard joints such as:

  • Frame joints (with or without tapers)
  • Hinged shear connections of I‑beams
  • Hinged and rigid column bases
  • Hinged bolt connections of lattice tower members
  • DSTV joints

In RFEM, it is also possible to model any connection geometry by using surface or solid models. There is a useful function for easy generation of surfaces from member. In this way, it is possible to perform plastic design of joints by defining a plastic material model, for example.

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