Punching Shear Design of Slabs with Nodal and Line Supports in RFEM

New Add-on Module RF-PUNCH Pro

7 October 2016

RF-PUNCH Pro allows you to perform punching shear designs with a minimum of time and effort. The calculation is carried out according to the standard EN 1992-1-1 (EC 2).

In comparison with the previous module version RF‑PUNCH, the new RF‑PUNCH Pro add‑on module performs the designs of punching shear resistance not only for singularly supported surfaces (columns) but also for linearly supported surfaces (wall ends, wall corners).

New Features in RF-PUNCH Pro

  • Optional arrangement of an enlarged column head
  • Automatic recognition of punching node area from the RFEM model
  • Automatic consideration of all slab openings defined on the RFEM model
  • Detection of curves or splines as boundary of the control perimeter
  • Structure and graphical display of the control perimeter before calculation starts
  • Optional design with unsmoothed shear stress along the control perimeter that corresponds with the actual shear distribution on the FE model
  • Determination of the load increment factor β by full plastic shear distribution as constant factors according to EN 1992‑1‑1, Chap. 6.4.3 (3), based on EN 1992‑1‑1, Fig. 6.21N or by user‑defined specification
  • Optional consideration of minimum moments according to EN 1992‑1‑1 when determining longitudinal reinforcement

Other Features

  • Import of relevant information and results from RFEM
  • Integrated editable material and cross‑section library
  • Numerous National Annexes to EC 2
  • Integration of design software by the shear rails producer (Halfen)
  • Numerical and graphical display of results (3D, 2D, and in sections)
  • Punching shear design with or without punching shear reinforcement
  • Design or dimensioning of longitudinal reinforcement
  • Complete integration of results in the RFEM printout report

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