New Features in RFEM 5.16.01 and RSTAB 8.16.01

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31 August 2018

The versions RFEM 5.16.01 and RSTAB 8.16.01 and the corresponding add-on modules have been extended by the following new features. Customers with a service contract can download the latest Dlubal program versions at any time.

New Add-on Module RF-/JOINTS Steel - Rigid

With the RF-/JOINTS Steel - Rigid add-on module, it is possible to configure and design moment resisting joints of rolled and welded I-beams according to EC 3.

The following types are available: end plate connection (beam to column or beam to beam) and rigid splice plate connection.


  • Extension concerning the printing of 3D-PDFs - they can now be generated in any paper size 


  • Release of the modified Newton-Raphson solver as well as the Newton-Raphson solver with constant stiffness matrix for nonlinear calculations according to the linear static analysis (geometric linear)
  • Blocking of the solver method Newton-Raphson with constant stiffness matrix for the calculation according to the large deformation analysis (large deformations)
  • Acceleration of the calculation for structures with a large number of analogously defined load combinations


  • Release of the material models "Isotropic Nonlinear Elastic 2D/3D" as well as "Isotropic Plastic 2D/3D" for membrane surfaces


  • Implementation of the design according to ANSI/AWC NDS-2018 (ASD/LRFD)
  • Integration of the torsion design as an additional design
  • Update of the layers of the company Binderholz according to the new ETA
  • Update of the layers of the company Martinsons


  • Release of an option to design member sets according to the Steel Design Guide 9 (STEEL Warping Torsion)
  • Implementation of the eigenvalue solver to determine the ideal elastic critical moment (associated update of the input tables)
  • Extension of the options for lateral restraints (e.g. only support of the upper flange)
  • Update of the Details dialog box (clearly arranged input of relevant settings)

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RFEM Main Program
RFEM 5.xx

Main Program

Structural engineering software for finite element analysis (FEA) of planar and spatial structural systems consisting of plates, walls, shells, members (beams), solids and contact elements

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RSTAB Main Program
RSTAB 8.xx

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The structural engineering software for design of frame, beam and truss structures, performing linear and nonlinear calculations of internal forces, deformations, and support reactions

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RFEM Tensile Membrane Structures

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Form-finding of tensile membrane and cable structures

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Deflection analysis and stress design of laminate and sandwich surfaces

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RFEM Steel and Aluminium Structures

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Design of steel members according to the American standard ANSI/AISC 360

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