Products in Preparation

Add-on Modules and Features in Preparation

  1. RFLOW

    • Simulation of bodies encircled by air while taking the surrounding terrain into account
    • Determination of the surface pressures at bodies with circulation
    • Output of the pressure and velocity fields
    • Animated display of the flow lines
    • Integrated interface to RFEM with import of the model data as bodies encircled by air and export of the wind loads to equivalent structural component loads
  2. Interfaces

    Dlubal Software prepares updates of various interfaces:

    • Continuous update of the bidirectional interfaces with Tekla Structures and the interface for the exchange of analytical and physical models on the basis of the newly developed .NET interface within Tekla Structures
    • Continuous update of the bidirectional interface with Autodesk Revit Structure and extension of the interface with Autodesk Structural Detailing
    • Further implementations and updating the IFC interface and its certification concerning the Structural Analysis Domain
    • Integration of the COM interface into other modules

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