Dynamic Analysis Add-on Modules

RF-/DYNAM Pro - Natural Vibrations Add-on Module for RFEM/RSTAB

The RF-/DYNAM Pro - Natural Vibrations add‑on module allows quick and comfortable analysis of natural frequencies and mode shapes of member, surface, and solid models.

All required input values can be imported directly from RFEM/RSTAB.

RF-/DYNAM Pro - Forced Vibrations Add-on Module for RFEM/RSTAB

The RF-/DYNAM Pro - Forced Vibrations add‑on module performs dynamic analyses of a supporting structure with regard to external excitation. Various excitation functions can be defined by using time history analysis, accelerations (accelerograms) or harmonic loads, and link them with load cases.

RF-/DYNAM Pro - Equivalent Loads Add-on Module for RFEM/RSTAB

The RF-/DYNAM Pro - Equivalent Loads add‑on module performs seismic analysis using the multi-modal response spectrum analysis.

The required spectra can be created according to the standards or user‑defined. Subsequently, the equivalent static loads are generated.

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