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First Steps with RFEM

First steps

We provide hints and tips to help you get started with the RFEM program.

Beyond Expectation

“After using about four other major analysis programs, I am extremely pleased by the subtle features of RFEM for its flexibility in modeling, interoperability, ease of analysis, error reporting and also in interpreting the results.

Added to this is the excellent support that is beyond expectation.”

Useful Features and Tools for Effective Work

Further Features in RFEM 5

  1. New Project Navigator - Views

    Project Navigator - Views

    In the project navigator, there is a new "Views" tab. In simple steps you can generate various views here that are possible to save and open again at any time.

  2. Display of object colors sorted by cross-sections

    Display Properties

    It is possible now to assign different colors to various objects of a structure in order to make the rendering display of the construction more clearly arranged. The following categories are available: materials, cross‑sections, member types, member hinges, surface types - geometry, surface types - stiffness, surface thickness, solid types, surface sides, and user‑defined visibilities.

  3. Fast calculation of large structures using the 64-bit version

    64-Bit Version

    RFEM 5 is now available as a full 64‑bit version. If the operating system is eligible, the 64‑bit version is installed automatically. Therefore, it is possible to use the present computer resources to full capacity and perform a wide range of designs.

  4. Dialog box with combinations and Table 2.5 Load Combinations

    Automatic Generation of Combinations

    There is a new dialog box for entering load cases and actions now. It provides the option of the automatic generation of load case and result combinations, selecting the corresponding combination rules subsequently. In this clearly arranged dialog box, you can also copy, add, or renumber load cases, for example. In addition, load cases and combinations are specified in Tables 2.1 to 2.6.

  5. Model of a cable on pulleys

    New Member Types

    The following new member types have been implemented:

    • Rigid member
    • Cable on Pulleys
    • Result Beam (integration of stresses and internal forces)
    • Definable Stiffness
    • Spring
  6. Printing grahics as mass print

    Mass Print

    There is a mass print function for the model data, loads, and results. It is possible to create graphics from different defined directions. For example, you can print all internal forces in an isometric view with a single mouse click.

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Complete Feature List

RFEM 5 - Complete feature list

Download the complete feature list including detailed information of the new features in RFEM 5.