RFEM - Structural FEA Software for Professionals

Central Management of All Projects

The Project Manager integrated in RFEM manages items and projects in a central location. Detailed information and graphics facilitate the allocation of all models for a fast design process.

  1. Basic concept of Project Manager

    Network-Compatible Project Manager

    The network-compatible project manager holds the projects of all Dlubal Software programs in a central place. It organizes various RFEM and RSTAB projects as well as the projects from SHAPE‑THIN, SHAPE‑MASSIVE, and RX‑TIMBER. Before archiving data, you can delete results in the project manager without opening a file.

  2. Restoring models from the Dlubal recycle bin

    Creating Subprojects

    The project manager can also manage subprojects. The manager displays relevant information of each model, for example the date of creation and latest modification of a structure as well as the related user name. In addition, you can see the dimensions and weight of each structure. It is possible to restore accidentally deleted projects from the integrated recycle bin.

  3. Archiving projects

    Simple Archiving of Projects

    When archiving projects, you can also save other document files of the project folder. Then, the data is compressed in a ZIP file. The advantage is, that the archive can be unzipped by other than Dlubal Software programs.

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