RSTAB - Structural Frame & Truss Analysis Software

Useful Features and Tools for Effective Work

  1. Dialog box with combinations and Table 2.5 Load Combinations

    Automatic Generation of Combinations

    The ‘Edit Load Cases and Combinations’ dialog box provides the option of the automatic generation of load and result combinations after selecting the corresponding combination expressions. In this clearly arranged dialog box, it is also possible to copy, add, or renumber load cases, for example.

    Furthermore, you can manage the load cases and combinations in Tables 2.1 – 2.6.

  2. Using a line grid

    Line Grid

    Now you can quickly create a line grid in Cartesian coordinate system, including optional notes and dimensions. In addition, it is possible to create spherical or cylindrical grids.

    The grid can be rotated about one or more axes. Furthermore, you can save the line grid and reimport it later.

  3. New Configuration Manager

    Configuration Manager

    The Configuration Manager provides the option to specify user‑defined settings of display properties, program options, toolbars, and others, which can be saved as separate configurations. It is possible to save several configurations.

  4. New Project Navigator - Views

    Project Navigator - Views

    In the project navigator, there is a new tab - ‘Views’. In a simple way, you can generate various views here that are possible to save and open again at any time.

  5. Printing grahics as mass print

    Mass Print

    There is a mass print function for the model data, loads, and results. It is possible to create graphics from different defined directions. For example, you can print all internal forces in an isometric view with a single mouse click.

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Complete Feature List

RFEM 5 - Complete Feature List

Download the complete feature list including detailed information of the new features in RSTAB 8.

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RSTAB Steel Structures
STEEL 8.xx

Add-on Module

Stress Analysis of Members

RSTAB Steel Structures
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Design of Steel Members and Sets of Members According to EC 3

RSTAB Others

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RSTAB Main Program
RSTAB 8.xx

Main Program

Structural Frame & Truss Analysis Software

RSTAB Steel Structures
FE-LTB 8.xx

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Lateral-Torsional Buckling Analysis of Members According to Second Order Analysis (FEA)

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Frame Joints of Frames According to EN 1993-1-8 (EC 3)

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Design of Timber Members and Sets of Members

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Generation of Pre-Deformed Initial Structures and Equivalent Imperfections for Nonlinear Calculation

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Linear and Nonlinear Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Members with Reinforcement Concept

RSTAB Concrete Structures
EC2 for RSTAB 8.xx

Module Extension for RSTAB

Extension of Reinforced Concrete Design Modules with Design According to Eurocode 2

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Analysis of Natural Vibrations

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Deformation and Deflection Analysis of Members and Sets of Members