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11/ 23/ 2015


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Determination of Elastic Foundation Coefficients by Means of Soil Data 

The module determines the elastic foundation by means of soil layers. A realistic determination of soil conditions is important for the structural analysis of buildings.

The designs can be performed according to the following standards:
  •  DIN 4019-1:1979-04
  •  EN 1997-1:2004
  •  CSN 73 1001


  • Realistic representation of interaction between building and soil
  • Expandable library for soil constants
  • Consideration of several soil samples (probes) at different locations, even outside the building
  • Consideration of groundwater as well as side effects due to excavation and rock at last layer
  • Calculation of elastic foundation coefficients
  • Determination and representation of stress diagrams and settlements in grid points


The specifications defining the soil layers are entered in a clearly-arranged table. An extendable database helps you to select the appropriate soil properties. The elasticity can be defined by either the stiffness modulus or the modulus of elasticity and the Poisson's ratio.

You can define any number of soil layers. The layers can be assigned to the building either graphically or by entering the relevant coordinates.  


The elastic foundation coefficients are calculated according to a non-linear, iterative method. The program determines elastic foundation coefficients for each individual element. The coefficients depend on the deformation.


The calculated stresses and settlements are displayed in the results tables. In addition, a graphic evaluation is available. The graphic represents also the position and the layer arrangement of the soil samples.

The final results table shows the elastic foundation coefficients. They can also be evaluated graphically.


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1.2 Soils
1.2 Soils
Material library with soils
Material library with soils
Detailed settings for soil calculation
Detailed settings for soil calculation
2.2 Elastic Foundation Coefficients
2.2 Elastic Foundation Coefficients
Elastic foundation coefficients shown in RFEM
Elastic foundation coefficients shown in RFEM
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