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RSTAB 2D 8.xx

2D Version for Planar Beam Structures 

RSTAB 2D is a beam analysis program for planar models and girder grillages that structural engineers use to meet requirements of modern civil engineering, mirroring the current state of the art.

RSTAB 2D is the basis of a modular software system: The main program calculates internal forces, deformations and support reactions of planar structures. For subsequent designs add-on modules are available taking account of material and standard parameters. Due to the modular conception of the software, a program package can be created that is tailored to individual needs.

The following pages give you insight into the possibilities of RSTAB. Install the trial version and calculate structures yourself with this intuitively working program.

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New Features in RSTAB 8

We have implemented some new interesting tools in RSTAB. Find out yourself and read about all new features summarized in an overview.


Graphical User Interface

You can create structural models in a CAD-like user interface, in tables or by a combination of both input options. Extensive context menus help you to enter data. As an analysis model is visualized in a photo-realistic representation, checking input immediately is guaranteed.



Useful help functions and tools for generating structures including loads facilitate the modeling. It is possible to model non-linearities of members and releases (yielding, tearing, slippage etc.) as well as rigid couplings, nonlinear springs or eccentric member connections.


Automatic Creation of Combinations

In RSTAB you can create load and result combinations automatically according to Eurocode and other international standards by taking account of the corresponding combination rules. Moreover, you can copy, add or renumber load cases which are provided in a clearly-arranged dialog box. In addition, it is possible to control load cases and combinations in Tables 2.1 to 2.6.



The model is calculated linearly according to linear-static analysis, or non-linearly according to second-order or large deformation analysis. 
You can superimpose results in combinations to determine the design internal forces.


Results Output

Internal forces, deformations and support forces are displayed in tables or shown in the model graphic. Moreover, you can use filter criteria to select specific results. All data is documented in a multi-lingual printout report. Its contents can be adjusted and stored as a template.


Project Manager

The Project Manager of RSTAB manages structures and projects in a central place. Detailed settings and graphics make the assignment of all models easier so that job processing can be carried out quickly.


BIM Orientated Planning

RSTAB provides a large number of integrated interfaces to ensure that structural analysis is involved in a continuous project workflow supported by computer data processing.



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Help for Beginners

Find useful information to get started with our programs RSTAB and RFEM: introductory examples, videos, webinars etc.
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Price Information

Net prices in USD
For use in United States
First License
RSTAB 2,550.00
RSTAB 2D 1,300.00
Next License
RSTAB 1,147.50
RSTAB 2D 585.00
Upgrades RSTAB
6.xx --> 7.xx 730.00
7.xx --> 8.xx 1,060.00
Upgrades RSTAB 2D
6.xx --> 7.xx 390.00
7.xx --> 8.xx 500.00
Truss girder
Truss girder
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Collar beam roof
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