Analysis & Design Software for Cranes and Craneways

3D Finite Element Analysis and Design

Structural engineering FEA software RFEM is the basis of a modular software system. RFEM is used to define structures, materials, and loads for planar and spatial structural systems consisting of plates, walls, shells and members. The program also allows you to create combined structures as well as model solid and contact elements.

Analysis & Design of Frame/Beam/Truss Structures

Structural frame analysis and design software RSTAB contains a similar range of functions as RFEM, with special attention to beam, frame and truss structures. Therefore, it is very easy to use and for many years it has been the best choice for structural analysis.

Structural Analysis and Design of Cranes

The add-on modules of the Steel Structures industry are suitable for structural analysis of cranes.

Structural Design of Crane Girders

CRANEWAY designs runway girders of bridge and suspension cranes according to EN 1993‑6.

Knowledge Base | Cranes and Craneways

  1. Figure 01 - Arrangement Options

    Ultimate Limit State Design of Rail Welds of Crane Girders According to EN 1993-6

    If crane runway girders are designed with flat steel rails, the welding of these rails is always a detail for the design. As a rail fixing, you can generally select between continuous and intermittent fillet weld. The following article provides an overview of the design processes and their specific features, especially when using the EN 1993‑6.

  2. Consideration of Eccentric Wheel Load Application for Weld Design at ULS

    Consideration of Eccentric Wheel Load Application for Weld Design at ULS

    The eccentric wheel load application of 1/4 of the rail head width has to be considered only for the fatigue design from damage class S3 according to DIN EN 1993‑6. An additional input option in detail settings allows you to consider this eccentricity for the fatigue design at the ultimate limit state as well. By selecting this option, the design with the eccentric load applied is always considered without regard to the damage class.

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