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Lines are the basis for generating members, surfaces and solids. They are limited by initial and end nodes. In addition, line loads and line supports can be defined at lines.

There are different line types of varying degrees of complexity. Examples are polylines, arcs or NURBS lines, just to mention a few. According to the complexity of the line, it might happen that additional intermediate nodes are necessary for the line defnition. There are different line types. In addition, line loads and line supports can be defined at lines.

A local line coordinate system is assigned to a line where the x-axis is oriented towards the line. The other axes are adjusted to the global coordinate system wherever possible. Adjust the line coordinate system by right-clicking and selecting the option 'Reverse Line Orientation'. In addition, the line can be rotated in the line settings.

Entering in RFEM

Lines can be entered graphically and defined in detail in RFEM by using 'Insert' → 'Model Data' → 'Lines' → (select line type) → 'Graphically', by using the corresponding button in the toolbar or tables of the Data Navigator.


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