Member Hinge

Glossary Term

Member hinges are hinges which can be arranged at the member start or member end in order to limit the transmission of internal forces.

A hinge can be defined for each of the six degrees of freedom. Besides the entire decoupling, it is also possible to generate a nonlinear relation or semi-rigid connection by means of a spring. The degrees of freedom can refer to the global or local coordinate system. When selecting the global reference coordinate system, special hinge types are available, such as a scissors hinge.

Entering in RFEM

Member hinges can be entered and defined by using the menu 'Insert' → 'Model Data' → 'Member Hinge', or the 'Edit Member' dialog box. In contrast to supports, the degree of freedom is activated for member hinges by checking the box (for supports, the degree of freedom is then unchecked).


Member hinge Semi-rigidity Elasticity Connection



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