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Technical Terms Used in Dlubal Software

The Dlubal Structural Analysis Wiki explains technical terms used in structural analysis and design. The terms are given in alphabetical order and are usually used in Dlubal Software.

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P Panel

The control panel provides various display and control options as soon as internal forces, deformations or checks are displayed graphically. Depending on the function, it is divided into three or four tabs.

Panel Tab

  • Color Scale
    In the case of a multicoloured result display, the first tab displays the colour scale with the assigned value ranges. There is a colour scale with eleven colours by default, which covers the range between the extreme values at equal intervals.
  • Factors
    The second tab controls the scaling factors for the graphic display. There are the text boxes for scaling deformations, member and surface diagrams, sections, reaction forces and trajectories, that are available depending on the current result graphic.
  • Filter
    This tab controls the result display with respect to the selected surfaces, members, or solids. The selection field under the buttons specifies which one of the three object categories is possible for the result diagrams. The numbers of the relevant members, surfaces or solids must be entered in the 'Show diagrams for' text box.
  • Surface Thicknesses
    Surface thicknesses can be visualized on the model with various colours: if you activate the corresponding check box in the Display navigator under 'Model' → 'Surfaces' → 'Color Scale of Thicknesses in Panel', this additional panel appears with the respective colour assignment of the individual surfaces.

Entering in RFEM and RSTAB

The panel can be shown or hidden by using the menu 'View' → 'Control Panel' or the corresponding button.

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