Glossary Term

A rib is a member type of RFEM, which is used to consider downstand or upstand beams with effective slab widths of the corresponding surfaces.

For this purpose, a member is defined in the area of a slab, which initially rests in the plane of the slab. In the detailed settings of the 'Rib' member type, further entries are possible and required for the member: in the 'Edit Rib' dialog box, you can enter the rib position (top/bottom) and specify the integration width of the surfaces.

Using these entries, it is possible to design the rib as a downstand or upstand beam with effective slab widths in RF‑CONCRETE Members.

The rib is intended to be used primarily in concrete design. On the other hand, an eccentrically connected member should be used for welded steel ribs on steel surfaces.


rib downstand beam upstand beam concrete T-beam