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Technical Terms Used in Dlubal Software

The Dlubal Structural Analysis Wiki explains technical terms used in structural analysis and design. The terms are given in alphabetical order and are usually used in Dlubal Software.

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I Internal Force

Internal forces are forces and moments acting within a body.

Types of Internal Forces

Internal forces are axial forces, shear forces and moments.

  • An axial force acts on a member parallel to the member axis.
  • A shear force acts normally to the member axis. In the case of a member, there is usually a difference between the loading in the y- and z‑direction.
  • In the case of a moment, a distinction is made between three loadings in the y- and z‑direction (bending) and about the longitudinal axis (torsion).

Internal Forces in RFEM/RSTAB

In RFEM/RSTAB, it is possible to evaluate the determined internal forces in tables and graphically. In RFEM, there are also the surface and solid internal forces available.


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