Imposed Line Deformation

Glossary Term

Imposed line deformations are displacements of a supported line. They can be used to model foundation settlements or rotations, for example.

Imposed deformations can be defined for each of the three translational degrees of freedom or the local rotational degree of freedom, but only in the direction in which the line has a support.

Imposed displacements have a positive effect when pointing in the direction of the positive axes of the coordinate axis system of the support. The imposed rotation has a positive effect when it is rotated clockwise about the positive local axis of the line according to the right-hand rule.

Entering in RFEM and RSTAB

Imposed line deformations can be entered and defined using the menu 'Insert' → 'Loads' → 'Imposed Line Deformations' or using the Data navigator.


Line Imposed deformation Load types



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