Glossary Term

A composition describes a type, properties and position of the individual layers by the thickness of a multilayer two-dimensional structural component.

Similarly to a cross-section of a beam component, the composition can be seen as a cross-section of a surface component. By optimally determining the type and position of a layer, it is possible to improve specific global properties of a composite surface when compared to a similar single-layer, homogeneous surface with respect to its application area. In the area of structural engineering, the multilayer components are thus used in many places.

Selected Compositions in Structural Engineering

  • Sandwich panel made of a foam insulation core and two outer metal cover plates
  • Cross-laminated timber panel made of several board layers lying cross-flat on top of each other
  • Insulated glass pane consisting of at least two glass panes with a gas layer between them

Implementation in RFEM

RF-LAMINATE can analyse laminate surfaces (for example, cross-laminated timber) according to Laminate Theory and RF‑GLASS can analyse compound panes of insulating glass.


laminate cross-laminated timber insulating glass gas