Glossary Term

A selection means picking up objects from a set of objects.

The selection can be done manually by exact object names or depending on certain object properties. The set of objects can include different types of objects.

In the area of computer science, a set of objects is stored in a database. A selection is then a kind of request with certain criteria. The resulting selection can be graphically highlighted for the user and offered for further editing. Selections with their discrete request criteria are also stored in a database for later use.

Selection Examples

  • Nodes with the u deformation > 10 mm
  • Members with the description numbers 13, 17 - 18
  • Objects with the Z-ordinate between +5 m and +10 m

Selections in RFEM and RSTAB

Criteria-related selections can be defined in RFEM and RSTAB by using the menu 'Edit' → 'Select' → 'Special'.


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