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You determine the content, the scope, and the date!

Tell us what you would like to know about the Dlubal structural analysis programs and we will prepare a training session based on this information, tailored your needs.

  • Individual Training

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"I would like to thank you for the reliable and competent support always provided by your company!"

Up to four of your employees will be trained by our instructors in-house on topics that you select. You do not have to prepare anything in advance. During the training, each participant will be provided with a modern single workstation and their own computer.

Training topics

Upon request, we can agree on the following specifications:

  • Training Objective
  • Training Content
  • Training Date and Time
  • Instruction Method


Dlubal Software GmbH
Am Zellweg 2, 93464 Tiefenbach, Germany


Dlubal Software GmbH
Grimmaische Straße 13, 04109 Leipzig, Germany


max. 4 people


Daily rate per Dlubal Software engineer: 1250,- € plus VAT
Hourly rate per Dlubal Software engineer (up to 4 h): 125,- € plus VAT

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Do you have any questions regarding a customised training for your engineering team? Contact us via phone, email or chat.

Our sales and support team will work with you to determine the training content, length, dates and costs customised for your needs.

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