Natural Frequencies and Equivalent Static Force Analysis with RFEM

Free Online Seminar

Length: 48:07 min.

  • Features of the RF-DYNAM Pro add‑on modules
  • Analysis of natural frequencies in RF‑DYNAM Pro - Natural Vibrations
  • Response spectrum analysis according to EN 1998‑1
  • Equivalent static force generation in RF‑DYNAM Pro - Equivalent Loads
  • Result combination in RFEM using exported dynamic envelopes

Time Schedule

  • Up to 02:00: Introduction
  • Up to 04:00: Features of the RF-DYNAM Pro add‑on modules
  • Up to 24:00: Import of masses and analysis of natural frequencies using the module RF‑DYNAM Pro - Natural Vibrations
  • Up to 28:00: Response spectrum in accordance to EN 1998‑1
  • Up to 43:00: Generation of equivalent static forces in RF‑DYNAM Pro - Equivalent Loads
  • Up to 46:00: Creating a result combination in RFEM using the exported dynamic envelopes
  • Up to 48:00: Closing words


Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Dr. Gerlind Schubert, M.Sc.
Product Engineering & Customer Support
Ms Schubert is responsible for the development of the DYNAM Pro add‑on modules and provides technical support for customers. She is the presenter for this webinar.


mass case, mass combination, eigenvalue, response spectrum, international standard, equivalent static force

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