Time History Calculation with RF-/DYNAM Pro - Walking and Running over a Footbridge

Online presentation


Duration: 1:03:14

  • Features of the RF-DYNAM Pro Module
  • Time course analysis, natural frequencies and mode shapes
  • Theory of walking and running (formulas according to Prof. Bachmann)
  • Example in RFEM: Load cases with RF-MOVE Surfaces


  • until approx. 06:00: Overview of RF-/DYNAM Pro Modules
  • until about 09:30: Features of the add-on module RF-/DYNAM Pro - Forced Vibrations
  • until about 16:00: Determination of natural frequencies of a pedestrian bridge
  • until about 22:00: Theory for walking (formulas according to Prof. Bachmann) and notes on the time history method
  • until approx. 28:00: Creation of load cases in RF-MOVE Surfaces
  • until about 45:00: Input of time diagrams by means of direct function input, definition of dynamic load cases
  • until 53:00: Evaluation of Results
  • until approx. 59:00: Comparison calculation with the simplified consideration of walking (no local change)
  • until approx. 62:00: Theory of Running (formulas according to Prof. Bachmann)


Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Dr. Gerlind Schubert, M.Sc.
Product Engineering & Customer Support
Ms. Schubert is in charge of the development in the field of dynamics. She is also active in customer support and participates in webinars in English. She also moderates this webinar.

M.Eng. Dipl-Ing (BA) Andreas Niemeier
Product Engineering & Customer Support
Mr. Niemeier is responsible for the development of RSTAB, RFEM and the Membrane Building Module. In addition, he deals with quality assurance and customer support.


Time course, time history calculation, time diagram, natural frequency, dynamics

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