Data Exchange Between hsbcad and RFEM

Free Online Seminar

Length: 43:20 min.

  • Features of the interface hsbcad-RFEM
  • Data exchange between hsbcad and RFEM on a practical example

Time Schedule

  • Up to 03:52: Introduction to the hsbcad software
  • Up to 15:45: Modeling in AutoCAD Architecture using hsbcad Visual Tools
  • Up to 16:55: Exporting the model as IFC file using hsbExporter
  • Up to 19:10: Importing the model to RFEM
  • Up to 29:00: Adjusting the model for structural analysis in RFEM
  • Up to 33:45: Defining loads and generating load combinations in RFEM
  • Up to 38:20: Creating stiffness in the RF‑LAMINATE add‑on module
  • Up to 39:40: Design of the supports in the RF‑LIMITS add‑on module
  • Up to 43:20: Closing words


interface, hsbcad, RFEM, BIM


interface, hsbcad, RFEM, BIM

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