Nonlinear FEA of Steel Connections in RFEM

Free Online Seminar

24 October 2017

Accomplished and Recorded

  • Finite element analysis of bolted connection and steel tie rod models in RFEM
  • Nonlinear applications including contact solids and surface releases
  • Modeling tips such as FE mesh settings and mesh refinements
  • Interpretation of analysis results in RFEM

Time Schedule

  • Up to 00:02:32: Introduction
  • Up to 00:39:35: Modeling, loading, and analysis of a beam splice connection utilizing contact solids in RFEM
  • Up to 00:42:11: Analysis and results of a bolted connection
  • Up to 00:46:53: Analysis and results of a welded connection
  • Up to 01:01:37: Analysis and results of a tie rod connection utilizing surface releases
  • Up to 01:03:20: Closing remarks


Amy Heilig, M.S., P.E.
CEO of Dlubal Software, Inc. & Customer Support
Amy Heilig is the CEO of the US office located in Philadelphia, PA. In addition, she provides sales and technical support and continues to aid in the development of Dlubal Software programs for the American and Canadian market. She will be the presenter for this webinar.


finite element, finite element analysis, FEA, nonlinear, connection, contact solid, surface release, nonlinear material, geometric nonlinearity, bolt, bolted connection, weld, welded connection, stress, friction

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