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Knowledge Base

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Amazing Webinar

“I would like to sincerely thank you for the invitation and the opportunity to attend the webinar. It was really amazing, I learned a lot!”

NDS-2015 Member and CLT Design in RFEM

22 June 2016

Length: 1:03:51 h

  • Modeling, loading, and analysis of CLT and timber beam structure in RFEM
  • Member design according to NDS‑2015 in RF‑TIMBER AWC
  • In-depth discussion of CLT analysis and design in RF‑LAMINATE

Seamless Structural Analysis Utilizing RFEM and Revit

25 May 2016

Length: 1:02:18 h

  • Exchange of data from Revit to RFEM via the direct interface link between programs
  • Finite element analysis and design of a steel and concrete structure in RFEM according to US Standards
  • Optimization and modifications in RFEM are integrated back into Revit to allow for an efficient update of the original BIM model

AISC Advanced Steel Design in RFEM

5 May 2016

Length: 1:08:18 h

  • Elastic and plastic design of steel elements with non-linear materials
  • Automatic meshing and FE analysis of steel surfaces in RFEM
  • Limit state design utilizing the add-on module RF‑STEEL
  • Local buckling modes and imperfections with add-on modules RF‑STABILITY and RF‑IMP

Data Exchange Between SEMA and RFEM

20 April 2016

Length: 38:09 min.

  • Features of the SEMA-RFEM interface
  • Data exchange between SEMA and RFEM on a practical example

Data Exchange Between cadwork and RFEM

31 March 2016

Length: 56:01 min.

  • Features of the interface cadwork-RFEM
  • Data exchange between cadwork and RFEM on a framework model and a surface model

Consideration of Construction Stages with RF-STAGES

25 February 2016

Length: 23:23 min.

  • Features of the RF‑STAGES add‑on module
  • Consideration of stages for building constructions using RF‑STAGES

Prestressed Concrete Design in RFEM

3 December 2015

Length: 55:28 min.

  • Introduction to the RF‑TENDON and RF‑TENDON Design modules
  • Modelling a prestressed slab of a residential building in RFEM
  • Definition of the tendon geometry in RF‑TENDON
  • Design of the prestressed slab

Time History Analysis in RF-/DYNAM Pro - Walking and Running Across Pedestrian Bridge

5 November 2015

Length: 1:05:15

  • Features of the RF‑DYNAM Pro add-on modules
  • Time history analysis, natural frequencies, and mode shapes
  • The process of walking and running
  • Example: Load cases with RF‑MOVE Surfaces

Form-Finding and Calculation of Membrane and Cable Structures in RFEM

28 September 2015

Length: 53:11 min.

  • Features of the RF‑FORM‑FINDING add‑on module
  • Form-finding and analysis of membrane and cable structures

Analyzing Steel Joints in RF-/JOINTS

27 August 2015

Length: 55:24 min.

  • Features of RF‑JOINTS Steel - Pinned
  • Features of RF‑JOINTS Steel - Column Base
  • Connection design using both add-on modules

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First steps

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Impressive Webinar

“The webinar was a good presentation that showed the capabilities of your software. I am very impressed with the speaker's time management. To ensure the webinar is within an hour requires a talented professional engineer, preparation and knowledge of the material. This webinar reinforces the value and efficiency of RFEM along with the many add‑on modules.”

Useful Webinar on Joint Design

“The webinar 'Design of Timber Joints in RFEM and RSTAB was very successful!

I am particularly pleased that you explained how to select the SFS intec dowel system WS‑T. Thank you very much!”