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Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

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Amazing Webinar

“I would like to sincerely thank you for the invitation and the opportunity to attend the webinar. It was really amazing, I learned a lot!”

Analyzing Timber Connections in RFEM and RSTAB

2 July 2015

Length: 57:50 min.

  • Modelling a timber lattice girder using the RFEM generator
  • Designing the relevant connections of the truss girder (indirect connections by means of steel plates and dowels as fasteners) in RF‑JOINTS Timber - Steel to Timber

Tips and Tricks Using Navigator and Printout Report in RFEM

30 April 2015

Length: 49:12 min.

  • Several options in the Display Navigator
  • Creating and saving of views
  • Single print and series images in the printout report
  • Modification of graphics
  • Filtering of results
  • Inserting text and figures

Natural Frequencies and Equivalent Static Force Analysis with RFEM

26 March 2015

Length: 48:07 min.

  • Features of the RF-DYNAM Pro add‑on modules
  • Analysis of natural frequencies in RF‑DYNAM Pro - Natural Vibrations
  • Response spectrum analysis according to EN 1998‑1
  • Equivalent static force generation in RF‑DYNAM Pro - Equivalent Loads
  • Result combination in RFEM using exported dynamic envelopes

Modeling and Designing Steel Towers by Using RFEM

23 February 2015

Length: 42:36 min.

  • Generation of a lattice tower in RF‑TOWER Structure
  • Definition of tower equipment in RF‑TOWER Equipment
  • Load generation in RF‑TOWER Loading
  • Tower design in RF‑TOWER Design

Parametric Modeling of Arch Bridge in RFEM

19 January 2015

Length: 47:50 min.

  • Modelling an arch bridge with adjustable rise
  • Traffic load according to EN 1991‑2
  • Generating load cases in RF‑MOVE Surfaces
  • Load combinations according to EN 1990
  • Calculation and adjusting parameters

BIM Integration using Finite Element Analysis and Design Software RFEM

17 July 2014

Length: 1:14:10 h

  • 3D BIM models in RFEM
  • Interface with Revit, Tekla and Bentley ISM
  • Steel and concrete design according to Eurocodes
  • Data exchange with other leading BIM software

BIM Workflow Using RFEM and Revit Structure

4 December 2013

Length: 58:20 min.

  • BIM integration with Autodesk Revit Structure
  • Import and export scenarios
  • Update mechanisms

Tips and Tricks Using RFEM 5

14 November 2013

Length: 1:13:51 h

  • Useful functions in RFEM
  • New features in version 5 of RFEM
  • Frequently asked questions

Design of Concrete Structures in RFEM 5

5 November 2013

Length: 1:12:30 h

  • Working with background layers for model generation
  • Loading and combinations
  • Reinforced concrete design
  • Creating documents

Advanced Steel Design Using RFEM 5

30 October 2013

Length: 1:11:57 h

  • Modeling steel details in RFEM
  • Meshing
  • Elastic and plastic design options

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First steps

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Impressive Webinar

“The webinar was a good presentation that showed the capabilities of your software. I am very impressed with the speaker's time management. To ensure the webinar is within an hour requires a talented professional engineer, preparation and knowledge of the material. This webinar reinforces the value and efficiency of RFEM along with the many add‑on modules.”

Useful Webinar on Joint Design

“The webinar 'Design of Timber Joints in RFEM and RSTAB was very successful!

I am particularly pleased that you explained how to select the SFS intec dowel system WS‑T. Thank you very much!”