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  • Answer

    For the service contract of the type Basic, the total costs are amounting USD 110.00 net for each follow-up license. For the service contract of the type Pro, the fee for the follow-up license is amounting USD 170.00 net.

    In addition to RSTAB/RFEM, it also contains all integrated add-on modules.

    In the case of network licenses that are used at more than one location, the fees for the service contracts are incurred for each location.

    In case of any further questions, do not hesitate to contact our sales department at any time.

  • Answer

    The service contracts for the RFEM and RSTAB program family are intended to update the respective main program as well as all available add-on modules.

    For all available and current add-on modules, it is thus possible to get free of charge:
    • new features and functions for the design
    • error corrections, if necessary
    • optimization of calculation and design
    • possible adjustments or corrections of standards
    as a part of the service contract.

  • Answer

    In principle, we are providing group or individual training courses for the RSTAB program family.

    • The individual online training courses present a flexible and also cost-effective training option. These can be planned, as a rule, also at short notice and be oriented according to the desired topic area. Based on our experience, online training should not exceed a duration of 4 hours.
    Have not found the right training yet? Please contact our sales department. It will prepare together with you a tailor-made solution for your training success.

  • Answer

    Updates are updates of programs and add-on modules carried out on a regular basis during product maintenance.

    These are, for example:
    • Extension or improvement of the program functionalities and add-on modules
    • Fixing detected or reported bugs
    Updates are generally chargeable and the costs for updates are covered by active service contracts of a product group and are automatically provided in the Dlubal Account. Without having an active service contract, updates can be purchased separately, if necessary.

    An upgrade presents an extensive refinement or new development of programs or add-on modules. Substantial parts of the program or functionalities have been renewed or added with considerable development effort.

    If you already have an add-on module that has been reissued, for example, there is RF-FOUNDATION Pro instead of RF-/FOUNDATION, you have the opportunity to upgrade. An upgrade is chargeable, but cheaper than a new purchase.

    If you have any questions, please contact the sales department.
  • Answer

    Dlubal Software GmbH does not offer leasing options as a lessor.

    If you would like to lease the programs, please contact a company that is active on the market, for example the companies GRENKE or MMV Leasing in Germany.

    • Find out from Dlubal Sales about your options to buy, rent or subscribe.
    • Discuss your personal situation and individual wishes with us to find the best option.
    • Get an offer from Sales for the relevant programs and add-on modules.
    • If you are not sure yet, get an external leasing quote.
    • Compare our offer conditions with the offers of the external providers for leasing.
    • Decide on the option that meets your requirements.
    Note about leasing
    • Please check if and how much a single payment for the final takeover of the programs is due at the end of the contract.
    If you need advice, please contact the sales department directly.

  • Answer

    Yes, that is possible in principle. However, there are some things which have to be taken into account.

    • It may be useful to keep RSTAB as a license so that you can easily edit old projects in the future.
    • The RSTAB models can be opened by RFEM. The structural and load data is transferred apart from a few exceptional situations. For add-on modules, reworking or a new input may be necessary due to the different data formats (RFEM requires surface and solid elements in addition to RSTAB).
    • Any running service contracts must also be converted.
    • As there are different product families, there is no standard price for an upgrade. We can provide you with a price information after having evaluated the relevant case. Contact our sales department, please.
  • Answer

    Support and customer care is a basic pillar of the company policy.

    Our free technical support is available to any user with questions about our software. You can contact our support staff in the following ways:
    • Email
    • Live chat
    Within the Service Contract Pro, we provide our customer with additional services. Customers with an active Pro Contract make use of:
    • Telephone consultancy
    • Online support via Internet video conference, if required
    Project Support (on an hourly or daily basis)
    If you need assistance with the realization of your project, we perform e.g. the following services:
    • Modeling of structure
    • Load applications and combinatorics
    • Design according to different standards
    • Creation of verifiable printouts
    • General project editing
  • Answer

    Dlubal Software GmbH provides service contracts for the following products and product groups.

      • RFEM
      • RSTAB
      • RX-TIMBER
      • SHAPE-THIN
      • CRANEWAY
    Service contracts are available for each of these products and product groups

      • Basic
      • Pro

    If there is a service contract with RSTAB or RFEM, the service is available for the products

      • SHAPE-THIN
      • CRANEWAY
    in the RFEM or RSTAB contract.

  • Answer

    For the RFEM program family, we can provide you with a group or individual training courses.

    • As part of our group training, we can offer you basic training as well as special Eurocode training courses. These trainings take place in our office rooms. Further information as well as current dates and prices can be found at:
    • The individual training courses are usually one-day training courses with training content specifically tailored to your needs. They can take place in our or your office on a convenient date. For more information and prices, visit:
    • Individual online training courses represent a flexible and also cost-effective training option. As a rule, we can also plan these at short notice and orient them according to the desired topic area. Based on our experience, online training should not exceed a duration of 4 hours.
    Still not found the proper training? Please contact our sales department. He will work with you to develop a tailor-made solution to success in your training.

  • Answer

    Dlubal Software provides you with support for your projects.

    You can find details and information about the type and extent of the possible services as well as the costs on the website. (See link below)

    If you have any questions, please contact the sales department.

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