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  • Answer

    Dongle servers are not supported for local dongle by our dongle manufacturer (Gemalto). Thus, we can not guarantee functionality and support when using a dongle server. If you want to access a license from several computers, you need a network dongle. Contact our sales department for this.
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    You can examine this port using the Telnet client. To do this, the Telnet client must first be activated via the Windows internal components (see figure). If this is the case, you can start the following command at the prompt:

    telnet 1947 (with "" - IP address of the server)

    If the entry follows an empty window, the connection is successful. If the Telnet client can not establish a connection, this will be output and your IT will establish communication from port 1947.

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    The complete dongle software package includes the driver, License Manager and Admin Control Center (ACC). You can download it using the following links:

    After unpacking, you can install the software package by typing haspdinst -i into the command line.

    Installation Process
    Install the dongle software package on the server. The required driver package for clients is usually supplied with the program installation, but can also be installed manually.

    During the installation on the server, the licence distribution service is installed - Sentinel LDK License Manager. This service is running on port 1947 and must be started.

    IP Configuration

    If the client does not find the server on the network automatically (for example, due to a different subnet or the access via a VPN connection), it is necessary to manually specify the IP of the server on the client. This configuration can be set via Admin Control Center that you can open on the client by using the following link:

    Enter the server IP under 'Configuration → Access to Remote License Managers' and click [Submit] to confirm. You must enter the IP address here, not the server name. Otherwise the name resolution may not work.

    This configuration is stored in the hasplm.ini file, which can be found on the client in the 'C:\Programme (x86)\Common Files\Aladdin Shared\HASP' directory.

    The network dongle should then be displayed at the free Port 1947 in Admin Control Center under 'Sentinel Keys'.

  • Answer

    The update requires the RUS.exe file. You can download it here:

    Step 1: Sending c2v File to Dlubal
    Run the RUS.exe file with administrator rights directly on the server (that is, not via Remote Desktop Connection).

    A dialog box appears where you click the [Collect Information] button. In the next dialog box Save Key Status As, enter the path for saving the c2v file. You can use any file name. Your customer number, for example, would be an appropriate name.

    After clicking the [Save] button, the Key Status is exported, and the c2v file is saved in the specified directory. After successfully saving the file, a corresponding message appears.

    Send this file to Based on the information you provide, we can create a file with the ending *.v2c.

    Step 2: Importing v2c Update Files
    We send you an e-mail with two v2c files, that you save on a data storage medium.

    Run the RUS.exe file on the server again. Select the Apply License Update tab in the dialog box that appears. In this dialog box, set the path to both v2c files.

    First, click the […] button to select the FormatKey_*.v2c file and [Open] it. Now, you can import the update information easily by using the [Apply Update] button.

    Then, repeat the procedure for the update_*.v2c file.

    The update process is thus completed.

    As an alternative to executing the RUS.exe file, it is possible to import the update files using the Admin Control Center. You can access this page under the following link:
  • Answer

    When using the new Sentinel network dongle, the changes are as follows:

    1) The software package of this dongle includes the driver, License Manager, and Admin Control Center now. You can download it under the following link:

    GUI Version (Graphical User Interface):

    Command Line Version:

    After unzipping the file, you can install the software package by using the command line 'haspdinst.exe –i'.

    2) The license service has been renamed from 'HASP Loader' to 'Sentinel LDK License Manager' and runs via port 1947 now (previously via port 475).

    3) The file 'nethasp.ini' is no longer required in the case that the client does not find the server in the network automatically. The new file is named 'hasplm.ini' and can be created on the client in Admin Control Center (ACC). You can access ACC using the following link:

    In the 'Configuration' category, tab Access to Remote License Managers, you can enter the server IP and confirm by clicking 'Submit' (see Figure 01).

    The 'hasplm.ini' file is stored in the following directory:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Aladdin Shared\HASP\

  • Answer

    If the client is in another network segment, it is necessary for Admin Control Center ('ACC') to refer to the IP address of the computer with the network dongle plugged.

    You can access ACC using this address



    Under 'Configuration', tab 'Access to Remote License Managers', you should enter the IP address of the computer with the network dongle in the 'Specify Search Parameters' text box.

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