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  • Answer

    This is not possible directly in RFEM, but the RF‑/STEEL EC3 add-on module allows you to create a list of steel parts. In Details of the add-on module, you can specify whether the parts list should apply to all members or only for members to be designed. Then, you can simply carry out the calculation and the parts list will be displayed. It is also possible to export the parts list to Excel and further edit it.
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    No, this is unfortunately not possible.

    If you save the last version of your model in RSTAB or RFEM, it is done in the currently used version.

    However, you can also open RSTAB 8 files in RSTAB 7 and RSTAB 5 files in RFEM 4. Please pay attention to the notes in FAQ004112 in the link below.
  • Answer

    For this, use the 'Open' command of the 'File' menu in RSTAB 7.

    In the 'Open' dialog box, you cannot see the RSTAB 8 files at first because only files for the program versions RSTAB 7 (and previous) are displayed.

    In order to be able to see all files (including the RSTAB 8 files) in a specific directory or folder, you have to change the file type to 'All Files' in the lower part of the dialog box. Then, you will also see the newer files for RSTAB 8 and can open them in RSTAB 7.

    Important: We do not guarantee compatibility when opening an RSTAB 8 file in RSTAB 7. Thus, it is possible that the file or the model contained inside will be damaged. The module data and the results will also be deleted.

    The same procedure is also possible in RFEM 4.

  • Answer

    RFEM includes a direct link to Autodesk Revit. Compatibility information for any version can be found in the Update Reports.
  • Answer

    This function cannot be assessed or determined at the basic program level. This issue can be fixed at the level of the add-on modules, such as RF‑STEEL EC3 or RF‑DEFORM. The second module is generic and can be used for any rod. More information can be found at: .
  • Answer

    Yes, that is possible in principle. However, there are some things that have to be taken into account.

    • It may be useful to keep RSTAB as a license so that you can easily edit the old projects in the future.
    • RFEM can open the RSTAB models. The structural and load data are transferred apart from a few exceptional situations. For add-on modules, it may be necessary to rework or enter the data due to the different data formats (in comparison to RSTAB, RFEM additionally requires surface and solid elements).
    • It is also necessary to convert possible active service contracts.
    • As there are various product families, there is no standard price for the upgrade. We can provide you with a price information after having evaluated the relevant case. For this, simply contact our sales department.
  • Answer

    For the RFEM program family, we can provide you with a group or individual training sessions.

    • Our group training courses may involve either basic training or a special Eurocode training course. These trainings take place in our office rooms. Further information as well as the current dates and prices can be found at:
    • The individual training sessions are usually one-day training courses with the training content specifically tailored to your needs. They can take place in our or your office on any date. Further information as well as the prices can be found at:
    • The individual online training sessions represent a flexible and also cost-effective training option. Generally, we can also plan these at short notice and orient them according to the desired topic area. Based on our experience, the online training should not exceed a duration of 4 hours.
    Still not found the training wanted by you? Please contact our sales department. He will work out a tailor-made solution together with you to reach success in your training.

  • Answer

    This is a bug that occurred in the version 5.10. In the current versions, it has been fixed. The error was caused by a Windows update that set automatic deletion of temporary files and folders. The program has created a folder to store temporary files or calculated results. Unfortunately, Windows deleted the folder before finishing the calculation. The program had nowhere to store the data and displayed the message: "Write Data() failed of module RF‑STEEL EC3." Unfortunately, the data cannot be restored. To resolve this issue, deactivate the Windows function deleting the unused temporary files or install a newer version of RFEM.
  • Answer

    RSTAB also already uses the advantages of parallelization. Basically, the parallelization of RSTAB 8 and RFEM 5 can be summarized as follows:

    Parallelization of program parts in RSTAB 8 and RFEM 5 (not included in the calculation)

    The advantages of the parallelization are primarily used in the printout report. In particular, browsing the printout report (i. h. retrieving the table of contents) with several cores.

    For the future versions, it is planned to use the parallelization more frequently. For example, the creation of the printout report should be almost always parallelized.

    There are two different ways to use multiple cores:

    Inner parallelization

    Parts of a program process run in several threads at the same time. It is recommended to use only physical cores, not logical (virtual). The experience gained with scientific and technical calculations has shown that the parallelization has the advantage of a maximum of approximately 3.5 times the acceleration, regardless of the number of cores. Some processes, such as the iterative equation solver, are not suitable for such a parallelization.

    External parallelization

    Individual calculations are performed in individual threads. For example, you can run four solvers in four threads to calculate four different load combinations.

    RSTAB 8

    At present, these two types of parallelization are not yet used in RSTAB. However, RFEM plans to use Outer Parallelization with RSTAB in the future.

    RFEM 5

    In RFEM 5, internal parallelization will already be used in some program parts. These are, for example, the combination of the local stiffness matrix and the direct equation solver.

    The program part named "FemBase" is massively parallelized: It calculates the result combinations and returns all results to the graphics, tables, and sections. He can read the result of three load cases in three threads and, for example, calculate the result combination in the fourth thread.

    However, the outer parallelization is not yet used. However, work is already in progress on this.

  • Answer

    That is possible. If you select "All Files" in RSTAB 7 under "Open" for the file type, RFEM also shows RSTAB 8 files. They can be opened.

    A warning message appears because it is, of course, not possible to consider features that were not contained in the older version.

    Another possibility is to rename the file from * .rs8 to * .rs7 and open it directly. The warning appears even then.

    This procedure is the same for RFEM.

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