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  • Answer

    For Service Contract Basic, the total cost is USD 110.00 net for each additional license. For Service Contract Pro, the charge for an additional license is USD 170.00 net.

    In addition to RFEM/RSTAB, it also contains all integrated add-on modules.

    In the case of network licenses that are used at more than one location, the prices for the service contracts are charged for each location.

    If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact our sales department at any time.

  • Answer

    Updates are regular revisions of programs and add-on modules carried out on a periodic basis within the product maintenance.

    These are, for example:
    • Extension or improvement of the features of the programs and add-on modules
    • Correction of the detected or reported bugs
    The updates are generally subjected to a charge and the costs for the updates are covered by active service contracts of a product group, and are automatically provided in your Dlubal Account. If you do not have an active service contract, it is possible to purchase the updates separately, if necessary.

    An upgrade is an extensive refinement or new development of programs or add-on modules. In this case, substantial parts of the program or features are renewed or added with a considerable development effort.

    If you already have an add-on module that has been renewed, for example, RF‑/FOUNDATION Pro has been released for RF‑/FOUNDATION, you have the opportunity to upgrade. The upgrade is chargeable, but cheaper than a new purchase.

    If you have any questions, please contact our sales department.
  • Answer

    The customer support and care is a fundamental pillar of the company policy.

    Our free technical support is available for any questions related to the Dlubal Software products. Take advantage of the following options to contact our experienced Support Team:
    • E-mail
    • Live chat
    With the Service Contract Pro, we provide additional services. The customers with an active Service Contract Pro can benefit from:
    • Support via Phone
    • Online support via video conferencing
    Project Support (on an hourly or daily basis)
    If you need a support throughout the realization of your project, we can provide the following services, among other things:
    • Modeling of a structure
    • Load application and combinations
    • Design according to various standards
    • Creating verifiable printout reports
    • General editing of the project
  • Answer

    Dlubal Software GmbH provides service contracts for the following products and product groups.

      • RFEM
      • RSTAB
      • RX-TIMBER
      • SHAPE-THIN
      • CRANEWAY
    The service contracts are available for each of these products and product groups:

      • Basic
      • Pro

    If there is a service contract for RFEM or RSTAB, then the service is available for the following products:

      • SHAPE-THIN
      • CRANEWAY
    in the contract to RFEM or RSTAB.

  • Answer

    We offer the service contracts "Basic" and "Pro" for each program family as well as for the individual programs.

    The advantages of the "Basic" service contract are as follows:

    • Maintenance of the current program version and the previous version
    • Provision of updates (new features and functions, bug fixing, optimization, and standard adjustments) for all modules of the program family
    • Preferred treatment in the case of the hotline support by e-mail
    • Benefits for future upgrades of the main programs
    • Avoiding necessary updates (one-time update) of the program family when buying or renting add-on modules later
    The service contract "Pro" has the additional advantages:

    • Immediate telephone support by our service technician
    • Troubleshooting problems on your computer via the remote maintenance software, if necessary
  • Answer

    Yes, the price of additional licenses is reduced.
    Both the main programs RFEM and RSTAB as well as all add-on modules are reduced in price by 30 percent compared to the first license for the additional license, that is, as of the second license.

    When is a license considered as an additional license?
    The first and the additional license must always belong to the same product group.
    You can only obtain the price reduction for the additional license, for example, when you buy a further RFEM license after you have bought the first license of RFEM.

    The same applies to the RSTAB product group as well as to the stand-alone programs.

    The add-on modules are also considered in the respective product group of RFEM or RSTAB.

    The rent or subscription licenses (subscriptions) are not reckoned as additional licenses.

    Note on Service Contracts
    Service contracts have to be concluded separately for the respective product group of RFEM or RSTAB.
    The additional licenses are automatically included in the service contract of the respective product group and charged with the reduced price.

    If you need advice, contact the sales department.

  • Answer

    The combination of the purchase types buy and rent is possible. An active service contract ensures that rented software is compatible with the purchased programs and add-on modules. If you have not yet concluded a service contract, please contact the sales department for advice.


    • You use one or several purchased licenses of RFEM or RSTAB with various add-on modules and need more licenses of RFEM or RSTAB for a particular project.

      Rent the additionally required number of licenses and add-on modules for a period of 1, 3, or 6 months to use it for your work on the project.

    • You use one or more licenses of RFEM or RSTAB without add-on modules. The various add-on modules should only be used for the projects with a limited duration, if necessary.

      Rent the add-on modules that exactly meet your needs for a period of 1, 3 or 6 months.

    As an alternative to rent, you can use the licenses and add-on modules as a subscription for a period of 12 months each. Subscriptions are automatically extended for further 12 months if they are not completed on time.

    Please contact our sales department for advice.
  • Answer

    Basically, the annual costs for a service contract of the respective program family, both "Basic" and "Pro," are only calculated on the basis of the number of the available licenses of the main program RFEM or RSTAB.

    Therefore, the service contract costs are clearly defined and constant as they are not linked to the entire package on a percentage basis.


    If you extend the application range of RFEM or RSTAB by further add-on modules, the service contract costs are not increased. Thus, you have cost control as the annual costs only increase with a further workstation, that is a further license of RFEM or RSTAB.
  • Answer

    The Dlubal Software programs can only be purchased via the direct sale of Dlubal Software GmbH, the branch offices in various countries, or the authorized resellers.

    For all displayed options, the licenses can be freely configured according to your requirements.

    The following purchase types are available:

    Subscription for 12 months
    • Providing software for a period of 12 months
    • Automatic extension for one more year
    • Dismissal for termination required

    Rent for 1, 3, or 6 months
    • Availability for the selected period of 1, 3, or 6 months
    • The availability ends automatically
    • No possibility of cumulative extension of rental periods
    • A new rental period can be activated at any time

    • You get an unlimited user license (lifetime)
    • Optional: With a service contract, you always have an access to the latest program versions. The current licenses can be easily extended.
    • Depending on the version used, licenses can be extended by purchasing or renting add-on modules

  • Answer

    Whether the download of RFEM or RSTAB is displayed or not in the Download section of your Dlubal Account, depends on whether you have a service contract for the respective product or not.

    If a service contract has been concluded for the respective product, the links for this product are visible.

    If no service contract has been concluded, no links are visible.

    If you purchase RFEM or RSTAB without the service contract at a specific time, you are entitled to use this program version. If you need the download link for the purchased program version, you can download it on our homepage in the "Previous Program Versions" section.

    See the link to "Download Previous Versions" below.

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