Calculating Prestressed Hollow Core Slabs

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Precast prestressed hollow core slabs consist of composite, uniaxially stressed non‑solid slabs with a width of about 1.20 m. These elements are prestressed with pre-tension in a precast concrete plant. The precasting is usually done with slipformers. Due to the lesser self‑weight of the non‑solid slab and the existing prestress, these precast prestressed hollow core slabs show a lesser deflection than loosly reinforced slabs made of solid concrete.

With the RFEM add-on modules RF‑TENDON and RF‑TENDON Design, you can design structural components with pretension. The cross‑section of the prestressed non‑solid slab element was modeled with SHAPE‑MASSIVE and imported in RFEM. The structural system under loading was modeled in RFEM.

The geometry of the tendons and the prestressing parameters were defined in RF‑TENDON. The equivalent loads from prestress were automatically transferred from RF‑TENDON to the structural system; the internal forces were calculated in RFEM. The designs for the ultimate limit state and the serviceability limit state were performed in RF‑TENDON Design.


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