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The new version 5.03.0050 of RFEM includes a new type of surface load named “Free Variable Load”. This enables you to apply a load with variable load distribution in the z‑direction and along the perimeter on surfaces.

The picture shows a round container on the left and a load varying along perimeter is applied on it in a direction normal to the surface. The representation of the free load always refers to a surface resting on a defined plane (XZ‑plane in this case), as in the case of the varying load in the Z‑direction. The normal axis rests in the direction of the free axis (the y‑axis in this case).

In order to obtain a varying load along the perimeter, select the “Varying” option under “Along perimeter”. Then you can use the corresponding button to enter the factors for the load including the angle under which these factors occur. In addition, it is necessary to specify the axis that the perimeter refers to. Also in this case, the factor kα refers to the value of the constant load in the main dialog box (marked with green in Figure).

To enter more complex load distributions, you can use the function of exporting and importing for MS Excel here as well.


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