RF-TENDON | Features

Product Feature

  • Import of cross-sections, materials, and loads from RFEM
  • Input of straight and parabolic tendons, layout definition of prestressing steel
  • Automatic calculation of prestressing forces and equivalent member loads
  • Transfer of equivalent loads to RFEM
  • Consideration of short-term losses resulting due to friction, anchorage slippage, relaxation, elastic deformation of concrete, and so on
  • Results of tendon strains before and after anchorage
  • Calculation of the minimum and maximum stresses in tendons
  • Internal forces results in defined sections
  • Optional calculation of RF-TENDON Design in background
  • Clear representation of tendon layout in 3D rendering
  • Printout or RTF export of results
  • Settings of display parameters and units (metric or imperial, decimal places etc.)