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Upcoming Webinars
Date Subject  
03. Dec 2015 Prestressed Concrete Design in RFEM

3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. CET

  • Introduction of the modules RF-TENDON and RF-TENDON Design 
  • Modeling of a prestressed slab of a residential house in RFEM 
  • Definition of the tendon geometry in RF-TENDON 
  • Design of the prestressed slab


Previous Webinars

Here you can watch or download our recorded webinars.

Date Subject  
05. Nov 2015 Time History Analysis Using RF-/DYNAM Pro - Walking and Running Across a Pedestrian Bridge

  • Features of the add-on module RF-DYNAM Pro - Forced Vibrations (0 to 11 min)
  • Calculation of natural frequencies of a pedestrian bridge (up to minute 19)
  • Theory of walking and recommendations for a time history analysis (up to 27 min)
  • Generation of load cases using RF-MOVE Surfaces  (up to 33 min)
  • Direct input of time diagrams as functions, Definition of dynamic load cases (up to 48 min)
  • Analysis of the results with the time course monitor (up to 57 min)
  • Comparison to a simplified simulation of walking (up to 62 min)
  • Theory of Running (up to 64 min)

time history, time history analysis, time diagram, natural frequency, dynamic

28. Sep 2015 Form-Finding and Calculation of Membrane and Cable Constructions in RFEM

  • Features of the RFEM add-on module RF-FORM-FINDING (0 to 9 min)
  • Form-Finding and calculation of membrane and cable structures (up to minute 53)

Form-Finding, cable, membrane, isotropic, orthotropic, pneumatic models

27. Aug 2015 Analyzing Steel Joints by Using RF-/JOINTS

  • Features of the Add-on Modules RF-JOINTS Steel - Pinned and RF-JOINTS Steel - Column Base (0 to 7 min)
  • Short introduction to RF-JOINTS Steel - DSTV (up to minute 20)
  • Design of different types of pinned joints on specific examples (up to minute 43)
  • Design of coloumn bases: pinned and restrained (up to minute 55)

Analyzing Steel Joints, DSTV, Connections IH, PM, IW, IG, IS, pinned joints, coloumn bases

02. Jul 2015 Analyzing Timber Connections by Using RFEM and RSTAB

  • Modeling a lattice girder of timber with the generator in RFEM (0 to 9 min)
  • Designing the relevant connections of the truss girder (indirect connections by means of steel plates and dowels as fasteners) in RF-JOINTS Timber - Steel to Timber (up to minute 58)

Design of indirect timber connections, dowels, steel plates, member eccentricity

30. Apr 2015 Tips and Tricks Using the Navigator and the Printout Report in RFEM

  • Several options in the Display Navigator 
  • Creating and saving of views 
  • Single print and series images in the Printout Report 
  • Modification of graphics 
  • Filtering of results 
  • Inserting text and figures

Views, mass print, printout report template, text block, graphic, 3D PDF
26. Mar 2015 Natural Frequencies and Equivalent Static Force Analysis with RFEM

  • Introduction to the RF-DYNAM Pro add-on modules (0 to 4 min)
  • Import of masses and analysis of natural frequencies with RF-DYNAM Pro Natural Vibrations (up to minute 24)
  • Response spectrum in accordance to EN1998-1 CEN (up to minute 28)
  • Generation of equivalent static forces with RF-DYNAM Pro Equivalent Loads (up to minute 43)
  • Building of a result combination in RFEM using the exported dynamic envelopes (up to minute 48)

Mass cases, mass combinations, eigenvalue, response spectra, international standards, equivalent static forces

23. Feb 2015 Modeling and Designing Steel Towers by Using RFEM

  • Generation of a lattice tower structure using RF-TOWER Structure (0 to 13 min)
  • Definition of tower equipments like platforms and antennas using RF-TOWER Equipment (up to minute 28)
  • Generation of ice and wind loads with RF-TOWER Loading (up to minute 38)
  • Design with RF-TOWER Design (up to minute 42)

Tower design, Eurocode, generating structures, wind loads, ice loads, platforms, antennas

19. Jan 2015 Parametric Modelling of an Arch Bridge

  • Introduction (0 to 3 min)
  • Modelling of the Arch Bridge with Adjustable Rise (up to minute 25)
  • Traffic Load (LM 1) according to EN 1991-2
    (up to minute 27)
  • Generation of Load Cases with RF-Move Surfaces (up to minute 38)
  • Load Combinations (Self-Weight and LM1) in accordance with EN 1990 (up to minute 43)
  • Calculation and Parameter Adjustment
    (up to minute 48)
Parameters, Moving Loads, LM 1, EN 1991-2, 
EN 1990, RF-MOVE Surfaces

17. Jul 2014 BIM Integration using Finite Element Analysis and Design Software

  • Introduction into the FE Software RFEM
    (0 to 9 min) 
  • Import of 3D BIM Models into RFEM
    (at 13 min)
  • Export to Tekla and Bentley ISM
    (at 21:20 min)
  • Steel design according to Eurocode 3
    (at 25:45 min)
  • Concrete design according to Eurocode 2
    (at 43:00 min)
  • Create printout reports
    (at 47:45 min)
  • Update and exchange scenarios with other leading BIM Software
    (at 55:45 min)

Building Information Modeling (BIM), IFC, Eurocode, Tekla, Revit, Bentley
Steel Design, Concrete Design, Round-Trip Engineering
04. Dec 2013 BIM Workflow Using RFEM and Revit Structure

This webinar´s focus is on the data exchange options to Autodesk Revit Structure.

- BIM Integration with Revit Structure 
- Import and Export Scenarios 
- Update Mechanisms
14. Nov 2013 Tips and Tricks using RFEM

This webinar´s focus is on special tips and tricks when working with RFEM 

- Useful Functions 
- New Features in Version 5 of RFEM 
- Frequently asked Questions
30. Oct 2013 Advanced Steel Design Using RFEM

This webinar will demonstrate advanced options to anlayze steel details in RFEM.

- How to Model Steel Details in RFEM
- Meshing
- Elastic and Plastic Design Options
16. Oct 2013 RFEM - Design of Concrete Structures

This webinar will show you how to model and design a concrete structure in RFEM.

- Working with Background Layers for Model Generation 
- Loading and Combinations 
- Reinforced Concrete Design 
- Creating Documents
19. Sep 2013 RFEM - BIM Integration with Tekla Structures

This webinar will show you the integrated BIM workflow between Tekla Structures and RFEM.

- Covered Scenarios of Data Exchange
- Live Demo of Workflow
- Update Options
29. Aug 2013 RFEM - Special Features to Be More Competitive

This webinar focuses on selected functions in RFEM that help users be faster and more productive when using RFEM.

- Modeling techniques
- Load generation
- Analysis troubleshooting
- Other useful features

The webinar is ideal for beginners who want to know more about Dlubal Software.
08. Aug 2013 Structural Analysis of Steel Structures by Using RFEM

This webinar demonstrates how to design a simple steel structure in RFEM.

- Modeling a framed structure
- Loads and load combinations
- Analysis and design according to Eurocode 3
- Printout report
25. Jul 2013 Structural Analysis Software Package RFEM

This webinar gives you a brief introduction into Dlubal Software in general and also into RFEM and its add-on modules. You see work with RFEM during design of a typical project in a live demonstration.
19. Dec 2012 Analysis of Timber Structures with RSTAB and TIMBER Pro

Introduction to basic work with the beam analysis program RSTAB
Modeling a timber structure
Loads and load combinations
Design according to EN 1995
21. Nov 2012 Analysis of Cross-Laminated Timber with RF-LAMINATE

This webinar introduces the modeling and analysis of cross-laminated timber structures with the RFEM add-on module RF-LAMINATE.
10. Oct 2012 Thin-Walled Steel Structures with SHAPE-THIN and RF-FE-LTB

This webinar demonstrates modeling of thin-walled cross-sections in SHAPE-THIN, the integration of SHAPE-THIN with RFEM and the stability analysis of members made from thin-walled sections in RF-FE-LTB.
05. Sep 2012 Analyzing Glass Structures with RF-GLASS

This webinar demonstrates the design options for Glass Structures by using the RFEM add-on module RF-GLASS.
18. Jul 2012 Analyzing Timber Structures with RX-TIMBER

This webinar demonstrates the design options for Timber Structures by using the stand-alone modules RX-TIMBER.
27. Jun 2012 Modeling and Designing Steel Details by Using FEA with RFEM

This webinar shows you how to model a steel part and analyze stresses by using the FEA program RFEM.
23. May 2012 Connection Design According to Eurocode 3 with FRAME-JOINT Pro

This webinar demonstrates the design options for bolted frame joint connections according to Eurocode 3 in the add-on module FRAME-JOINT Pro.
11. Apr 2012 Special Features in the Finite Element Software RFEM

Model and load generators
Parametric input
Import and export to MS Excel
Other tips & tricks
05. Apr 2012 BIM with RFEM and Autodesk Revit Structure

This webinar gives an overview about the import and export options of RFEM from and to Autodesk Revit Structure.
04. Apr 2012 BIM with RFEM and Tekla Structures

This webinar gives an overview about the import and export options of RFEM from and to Tekla Structures.
13. Mar 2012 Modeling and Analyzing Concrete Structures with RFEM

Introduction to basic work with the finite element software RFEM.
Modeling a concrete building
Loads and load combinations
Design according to EN 1992
07. Mar 2012 Modeling and Analyzing Steel Structures with RFEM

Introduction to basic work with the finite element software RFEM.
Modeling a steel building
Loads and load combinations
Design according to EN 1993


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