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3.4.4 Curva


The parameters in this tab depend on the standard selected in window 1.1 General Data. You have to set standard-specific reinforcement data, hereafter described for EN 1992-1-1.

At the bottom of the tab, the [Default] button is available. You can use it to save the current entries for the standard as new default settings.

Figura 3.44 Window 1.4 Reinforcement, BS EN 1992-1-1 tab
Armadura mínima

This section allows you to control, which provisions of the standard regarding the minimum reinforcements are to be considered in the design (see chapter 2.3.7).

For plates and walls, use the button to open more dialog boxes where you can set the directions of the minimum and main compression reinforcement.

Figura 3.45 Settings for Min. Reinforcement for Ductile Properties dialog box

According to EN 1992-1-1, clause 9.3.1, the minimum reinforcement for ensuring a ductile structural component behavior is to be placed in the main span direction of the plate. As the main span direction cannot be found automatically when determining the reinforcement element by element, you can control the reinforcement direction you want to consider the minimum reinforcement in by using the following options:

  • Reinforcement direction with the main tension force in the considered element

The minimum reinforcement is only considered in the reinforcement direction with the greatest tension force from all reinforcement directions of top surface (-z) and bottom surface (+z): The minimum reinforcement is placed only in one direction and on one side of the plate.

  • Reinforcement direction with the main tension force in the corresponding reinforcement surface

For each reinforcement side, the program searches for the reinforcement direction with the greatest tension force. The minimum reinforcement is then determined on each side for these directions.

  • Define

The reinforcement direction in which you want to apply the minimum reinforcement can be specified manually.

Figura 3.46 Settings for Min. Reinforcement for Walls dialog box

You can specify the direction of the main compression reinforcement for determining the minimum longitudinal reinforcement for walls in the direction of the main compression force or Defined.

Armadura de cortante

The two input fields define the allowable zone for the inclination of concrete struts θ. The angles are preset according to EN 1992-1-1, clause 6.2.3. You can adjust them, if necessary, but they must not lie outside the allowed limits.


The upper input fields control the Partial factors for concrete γc and for reinforcing steel γs in the design. The values according to EN 1992-1-1, Table 2.1 are preset for the different design situations.

The Reduction factors αcc and αct take account of long-term effects on the concrete's compressive or tensile strength. These coefficients are governed in EN 1992-1-1, clause 3.1.6 (1) and 3.1.6 (2).


With the check box, you can specify a Neutral axis depth limitation according to EN 1992-1-1, clause 5.6.3 (2). In this case, the maximum ratio is xd / d = 0.45 for concrete up to strength class C50/60 and xd / d = 0.35 for concrete starting from strength class C55/67.