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4.3 Inicio del cálculo


You can start the [Calculation] in every input window of RF-CONCRETE Surfaces by clicking the corresponding button.

RF-CONCRETE Surfaces searches for the results of the load cases, load combinations, and result combinations to be designed. Si no se encuentran resultados, el programa inicia el cálculo de RFEM para determinar los esfuerzos internos relevantes del cálculo.

También puede iniciar el cálculo en la interfaz de usuario de RFEM: The To Calculate dialog box (menu item Calculate → To Calculate) lists the design cases of the add-on modules such as load cases or load combinations.

Figura 4.9 To Calculate dialog box

If the design cases of RF-CONCRETE Surfaces are missing in the Not Calculated list, select All or Add-on Modules in the drop-down list below.

To transfer the selected RF-CONCRETE Surfaces cases to the list on the right, use . Haga clic en [Aceptar] para iniciar el cálculo.

A design case can also be calculated directly by means of the list in the toolbar: Set the RF-CONCRETE Surfaces case and then click the [Show Results] button.

Figura 4.10 Direct calculation of an RF-CONCRETE Surfaces design case in RFEM

You can subsequently observe the calculation process in a dialog box.