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7.1 Informe

Like in RFEM, you can generate a printout report for the data of the RF-CONCRETE Surfaces add-on module where graphics and descriptions can be added. The selection in the printout report determines the design module's data included in the final printout.

El informe se describe en el manual de RFEM. Chapter Selecting data of add-on modules explains how to prepare the input and output data of add-on modules for the printout.

A special selection option is available for the intermediate results of the serviceability limit state designs performed according to the analytical method. In the Points column, you can select all designable or non-designable points, or only the Governing points: These points provide the greatest reinforcement areas or design ratios. Point numbers can also be User-Defined.

Figura 7.1 Printout Report Selection dialog box, SLS - Analytical Method tab

For large structural systems with numerous design cases, it is recommended to split the data into several printout reports for a clear overview.