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Mathematical Pendulum

The mathematical pendulum consists of a zero‑weight rope and a mass point at its end. The pendulum is initially deflected. Determine the angle of the rope at given test time.

Free Vibrations of String

A thin string is tensioned by the initial strain and initially deflected. Determine the deflection of the test point at given test times.

Cable with Concentrated Forces

A cable in the initial position is loaded by two concentrated forces. The self‑weight is neglected. Determine the normal forces in the cable.


A very stiff cable is suspended between two supports. Determine the equilibrium shape of the cable, the so-called catenary, consider the gravitational acceleration and neglect the stiffness of the cable. Verify the position of the cable at given test points.

Cantilever with the Moment Loading at the Free End

A cantilever is loaded by the moment at its free end. Using the geometrically linear analysis and the large deformation analysis and neglecting beam's self-weight, determine the maximum deflections at the free end.

Pinned Beam Subjected to Bending

Beam pinned at the both ends is loaded with the concentrated force at the middle. Neglecting its self-weight and shear stiffness, determine beam's maximum deflection, normal force and moment at the mid-span assuming the second and the third order theory.

Snap Through with Spring Support

VE 0047 23. diciembre 2015 RFEM RSTAB Análisis de grandes deformaciones Barra

A structure made of I-profile trusses is supported on the both ends by the spring sliding supports and loaded by the transversal forces.

Geometric Non-Linearity of Member with Spring

Slightly sloped member is loaded with the force and held by spring at one end and supported at the other and. Assuming large deformations and neglecting member's self-weight, determine its maximum upward deflection.

Cantilever Bend to Form a Circle

Determine the bending moment which acting at the free end of the cantilever will bend the member to a circle shape. Neglecting beam's self weight, assuming large deformation theory and loading the cantilever with the moment, determine its maximum deflections.

Bending Cantilever with Axial Force

A cantilever is loaded by a transversal and an axial force on the right end and it is fully fixed on the left end. The problem is described by the following set of parameters. The problem is solved by means of the geometrically linear analysis, second order analysis and large deformation analysis.

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