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best way to interact between python and any software

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  • best way to interact between python and any software

    Hi all,

    I'm starting to learn Python, and for my first program, I would like to automatize some calculation on a Finite Element Analysis software. The problem is that the FEA software I must use haven't got any "reference".

    I already achieved what I would like to do in Python, but using Excel. My VBA code sets the cursors in various location, clicks on the screen, take screenshot, create folders and sort the screenshots into them.

    It works great, but VBA isn't made for that. And I would like to do some image processing on my screenshots too.

    Plus, as I click on the screen, the code must be set for a specific monitor size.tweakbox appvalley

    Most of the software functions are accessible via the menu (and thus Alt + arrows), but not all of them.

    I could probably use the same principle of clicking on the screen and using “SendKeys” to navigate in the menus, but I'm wondering if there is any neater way to do so.

    Maybe, searching for specific icons on the screen would be better?

    Is it possible to create an "object library reference" with python?

    Which library would be usefull?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Hi david77,

    there are no special Python packages for RFEM. Python is a platform-independent programming language. The API that we offer for RFEM is based on COM technology. This is a special Windows technology.

    However, there are some projects that implement access to COM using Python. Please have a look at these links:

    This should make it possible to port the VBA code to Python.

    Frank Faulstich
    Support Team der
    Dlubal Software GmbH