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Load cases - Wind

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  • Load cases - Wind

    Hello everyone,

    I don't really have a problem, but I wondered if there is a more elegant solution for this situation.

    So, I've modeled a simple beam with Dead Load, Live Load, Snow Load acting on beam in Z+ direction and four cases of Wind load acting in both Z+ and Z- direction.
    When RFEM generated combinations, every ULS combination had a 1.35 combination factor on Dead Load which is fine, but I don't know is there a way to make combinations(automatically) where Dead Load will have a 1.00 combination factor and Wind Loads will be multiplied with 1.50 (Dead load acts permanently on structure but it is unfavorable in those cases).

    I'm not sure did I make everything clear, but the real purpose of this is to make maximum "negative" bending on a beam (or look for potential tension in the upper cord in trusses for example, etc.) caused by Wind forces.

    To make everything clear. I'll upload a model where you can see Combinations: CO89, CO90, CO91, and CO92 which are created manually. Is there a way to make get them automatically along with other ULS combinations?

    Just to mention, I am from Serbia and everything in this model is according to Eurocode.

    I'm looking forward to your response!
    Thanks in advance,
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    Hallo Dusan, there is a possibility to create such load combinations atomatically. You have to activate this checkbox for this purpose:

    Load Cases and Combinations

    Frank Faulstich
    Support Team der
    Dlubal Software GmbH
    [email protected]