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RF-COM-5: Getting Members´ start and end node data

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  • RF-COM-5: Getting Members´ start and end node data


    I would like to get the member's start and end node coordinates with node numbers in RFEM through RF-COM-5.
    There is a good webinar video where a similar operation is explained in RSTAB8 [1].
    In the example "StartNodeNo" and "EndNodeNo" parameters are used for Member class. Pretty straightforward.

    However I am not able to get these parameters for my model. I don't know this is because of the RSTAB or the model interface...

    At the moment my workaround is:
    - Get LineNo of the Member
    - Get Line with that LineNo
    - Get NodeList of the Line
    - Work with the NodeList to get NodeNo*
    - Get Node with NodeNo
    - Get X,Y,Z

    * NodeList is a string consists of node numbers separated by commas. i.e. "1,2" or "105,106" or "101-105" or "101,102,104,105"

    Is there a more straightforward way to do this?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Hello Mr. Burak,

    I think this is the best way I would solve it like you have described it.
    The only thing you can simplify is that the most lines only have two nodes. There are some special lines like arcs which have three nodes but maybe you can exclude them by type.

    Best Regards
    Thomas Günthel
    Support Team der
    Dlubal Software GmbH
    [email protected]


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      Hello Thomas,

      Thanks for your input. I will try that as well.

      At some point I thought to use ControlPoints attribute of Line class to get the coordinates. However, I hesitated because I don't really know if these points are always from member start to end.
      Anyhow, for NodeNo I would still need to go through the above procedure.