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Mirror in RFEM 6

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  • Mirror in RFEM 6

    Hey all,

    First I am new in RFEM 6, so this question might be really easy. I am following the Tutorials for Beginners and on Video 6 the instructor mirrors a section through YZ plane. When I follow the exact instruction, the mirror is not done the correct way. You can see the issue in the attached picture. I want to ask, please, if someone can explain to me why this is happening. Is this my fault or there is a software issue.


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    Unfortunately, the behavior is a bug in RFEM. We are taking care of fixing the problem as soon as possible.

    There is a simple way to work around the problem. You can use the Rotate function instead of the Mirror function. Rotate the left part by 180°.

    Frank Faulstich
    Support Team der
    Dlubal Software GmbH
    [email protected]