Four-Member Truss Snap-Through

Verification Example

A structure is made of four truss members, which are embedded into hinge supports. The structure is loaded by a concentrated force and alternatively by imposed nodal deformation over the critical limit point, when snap-through occurs. Imposed nodal deformation is used in RFEM 5 and RSTAB 8 to obtain full equilibrium path of the snap-through. The self-weight is neglected in this example. Determine the relationship between the actual loading force and the deflection considering large deformation analysis. Evaluate the load factor at given deflections.

RFEM Logiciel principal
RFEM 5.xx

Programme de base

Logiciel de calcul de structures aux éléments finis (MEF) pour les structures 2D et 3D composées de plaques, voiles, coques, barres (poutres), solides et éléments d'assemblage

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RSTAB Logiciel principal
RSTAB 8.xx

Programme de base

Logiciel de calcul de structures filaires composées de charpentes, poutres et treillis. Il permet d'effectuer le calcul linéaire et non-linéaire et de déterminer les efforts internes, déformations et réactions d'appui

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