Analisi Time History in RF / DYNAM Pro - Camminare e correre su di ponte pedonale

Free Online Seminar

8. ottobre 2015


Length: 65:15 min.

  • Features of the RF-/DYNAM Pro - Forced Vibrations add-on module (up to minute 11)
  • Calculating natural frequencies of a pedestrian bridge (up to minute 19)
  • Theory of walking and recommendations for the time history analysis (up to minute 27)
  • Generating load cases using RF-MOVE Surfaces (up to minute 33)
  • Direct input of time diagrams as functions, definition of dynamic load cases (up to minute 48)
  • Evaluation of the results with the time course monitor (up to minute 62)
  • Theory of running (up to minute 65)


time history analysis, time diagram, natural frequency, dynamics



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