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3.2 Materiali

La finestra viene suddivisa in due parti. The upper section lists the concrete classes and steel grades relevant for the design. All materials of the concrete category used for surfaces in RFEM are preset. In the Material Properties section, the properties of the current material, i.e. the material whose table row is selected in the upper section, are displayed.

Figura 3.16 Window 1.2 Materials

The table lists only materials that are used in the design. I materiali che non sono permessi sono evidenziati in rosso. I materiali modificati sono visualizzati in blu.

Chapter 4.3 of the RFEM manual describes the material properties used for determining the internal forces. Le proprietà del materiale richieste per il progetto vengono immagazzinate nella libreria dei materiali globale. These values are preset for the Concrete Strength Class and the Reinforcing Steel.

To adjust the units and decimal places of the properties and stresses, select Settings → Units and Decimal Places in the menu (see chapter 8.2).

Descrizione del materiale
Classe di resistenza del cls

The concrete materials used in RFEM are preset; materials that are not relevant are hidden. The strength class can be modified at any time: per fare questo, fare clic sul materiale nella colonna A. Then, click the button or press the [F7] key to open the list of the strength classes.

The list contains only strength classes that correspond to the design concept of the selected standard.

After the transfer, the design-relevant Material Properties are updated.

As a matter of principle, the material properties cannot be edited in RF-CONCRETE Surfaces.

Acciaio da armatura

In this column, the program presets a steel grade that corresponds to the design concept of the selected standard.

Like for the concrete strength class, you can select a different reinforcing steel in the drop-down list: Click the material in column B to activate the field. Then, click the button or press the [F7] key to open the list of the reinforcing steels.

Like for the concrete strength classes, the list only contains steel grades that are relevant for the selected standard.

After the transfer, the Material Properties are updated.

Libreria dei materiali

Sono già disponibili numerosi materiali nella libreria. To open the [Library], click the button shown on the left, which is available for the concrete strength classes and reinforcing steels at the end of the column.

Figura 3.17 Material Library dialog box

In the Filter section, the standard-relevant materials are set as a preselection, thus excluding all other categories or standards. You can select the desired concrete strength class or steel grade from the Material to Select list; the properties can be reviewed in the lower section.

Click [OK] or press [↵] to transfer the selected material to window 1.2 of RF-CONCRETE Surfaces.

Chapter 4.3 of the RFEM manual describes how to filter, add, or reorganize materials.