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Data Protection - Twitter


Data protection provisions about the application and use of Twitter

On this website, the controller has integrated components of Twitter. Twitter is a multilingual, publicly accessible microblogging service on which users may publish and spread so-called 'tweets', i.e. short messages, which are limited to 140 characters. These short messages are available for everyone, including those who are not logged in on Twitter. The tweets are also displayed to so-called followers of the respective user. Followers are other Twitter users who follow a user's tweets. Furthermore, Twitter allows you to address a wide audience via hashtags, links, or retweets.

The operating company of Twitter is Twitter, Inc., 1355 Market Street, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94103, United States.

With each visit to one of the individual pages of this website, which is operated by the controller and on which a Twitter component (Twitter button) has been integrated, the internet browser on the information technology system of the data subject is automatically prompted by the respective Twitter component to download a depiction of the corresponding Twitter component from Twitter. Further information about the Twitter buttons is available at In the course of this technical procedure, Twitter gains knowledge of which specific sub-page of our website was visited by the data subject. The purpose of the Twitter component's integration is to circulate the contents of this website, allow our users to introduce this web page to the digital world, and increase our visitor numbers.

With every visit to our website by the data subject and for the entire duration of their stay on our website, Twitter detects which specific sub-page of our website was visited by the data subject, if the data subject is logged in on Twitter at the same time. This information is collected via the Twitter component and associated with the respective Twitter account of the data subject. If the data subject clicks on one of the Twitter buttons integrated on our website, Twitter associates this information with the personal Twitter account of the data subject and stores the personal data.

Whenever the data subject is logged in on Twitter while visiting our website, Twitter receives information that the data subject has visited our website via the Twitter component. This occurs regardless of whether the person clicks on the Twitter component or not. If a transmission of this information to Twitter is undesired by the data subject, they may prevent it by logging off from their Twitter account before visiting our website.

The applicable privacy policy of Twitter can be found at


Contatta Dlubal

In caso di ulteriori domande sulle nostre informazioni sulla protezione dei dati e sul trattamento dei dati personali, è possibile contattare direttamente il nostro responsabile interno della protezione dei dati o inviarci una email a [email protected] .

Il nostro responsabile della protezione dei dati è disponibile anche in caso di richieste di informazioni, suggerimenti o reclami sulla protezione dei dati.

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