Spotkanie dystrybutorów Dlubal Software w Pradze, 2014

Partners of Dlubal Software in Prague

24. czerwca 2014

From the 4th to the 5th of June 2014, the International Dlubal Software reseller meeting took place in Prague. The main topic of all presentations, workshops and sessions was building the international cooperation with Dlubal local partners.

With more than 20 participants from 10 different countries, this year's meeting was the most international event in a last few years. About one third of the attendees came from Asia which is a market with great potential.

The reseller meeting took place in the pleasant atmosphere of a conference room in the center of Prague. Refreshments including a lunch buffet and snacks were served. The events were free of charge but required a formal registration.

The meeting was divided into two parts. In the first part, engineers from Dlubal Software presented topics related to their sales and marketing experiences. The current situation in the Dlubal Software home markets of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Czech Republic were discussed. In the second part, numerous speakers from internationally operating companies explained their strategies and marketing options. Resellers talked about the situation in their respective countries and shared with others the lessons they have learned.

Exchanging experiences

Many visitors used the breaks between presentations for exchanging opinions, and so they could get first-hand information about the local markets in different parts of the world.

Also, the Dlubal Software team welcomes any new ideas or suggestions for further program development and is always happy to meet personally with our partners.

Contact our partners

Find a list of our international partners on our webpage.


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